Our Services

Power Infrastructure Services

All Energy Contracting focus on trenching, cable laying and trench backfill for wind farms, solar farms and power infrastructure projects across Australia. Our team have experience laying thousands of kilometres of oil and gas pipeline as well as providing a diverse range of services within the sustainable power sector. We’ve worked with large contractors including Zenviron, Downer, McConnell Dowell, NPC Group, John Holland, CPB Contractors and more.
All Energy contracting HV cable commissioning
All Energy Contracting solar
All Energy contracting wind farm maintenance

Solar farm construction

Our capabilities extend to every aspect of solar project construction including civil infrastructure, foundations, electrical systems and commissioning.  Our focus is on providing a successful project delivered on time and budget

Wind farm construction

At AEC we keep ahead through innovation of equipment, methods and systems development, ensuring that we deploy the latest solutions and most comprehensive safety practices. We also maintain a focus on environmental stewardship, and work to minimise our environmental impact at wind energy construction sites, as well as in the solutions we deliver.

Civil Construction

Trenching 450 – 1260mm trenches with specialised trenching machines
Surface mining – chain drive and direct drive
Direction drill management under live assests gas, roads and telecommunication
Bulk earth works
Road construction
Pipeline equipment and experience

Cable laying

At AEC we are well known when in comes to cabling. Our innovative cable trailers are self-loading  negating the need for cable drum cranage. They can also be joined making trefoil cable lay a single pass operation. With capacity for up to 20ton cable drums they are ideal for long runs.

Commissioning and Maintenance

AEC can provide a one-stop-shop from cable fault repairs to pre-commissioning tests and checks. With many clients struggling to ensure their commissioning team is available at every site. AEC provides a solution by ensuring pre-commissioning is completed up to the highest standard with paperwork and checks, reducing the cost and freeing up the client commissioning team to only focus on the final grid connection.